Unreqvited - Mosaic I: l'amour et l'ardeur (2018)


As the second full-length release from Unreqvited this 2018, this is certainly the most ambitious one. Mostly diverging away from the more traditional Post-Black Metal elements of their first two albums, “Mosaic I: l'amour et l'ardeur” is a lush introduction into a more atmospheric and dream-like world that is quite magical to experience. This one-man outfit does a great job in creating magical soundscapes with dreamy guitars and solemn piano elements, so be prepared to be fully immersed into Unreqvited’s musical journey.

The album sets a magical mood with the majestic “Sunrise”, a piece that is quite ethereal in nature and perfectly crafted to give that warm fuzzy sense of awe. “Dreamscape” has a distinct Blackgaze vibe, nicely created by the active guitars and a backdrop of harrowing harsh shrieks, perfectly contrasting the brightness created by the instruments. We are suckers for playful piano songs and “Radiant” delivers on this. Perfectly named, this track feels quite radiant as it shines thanks to its dramatic arrangements and masterful distorted guitars as contrast.

Before you even know it, the album is almost over, but not before “Balance” and “Permanence” deliver a combine 20 minutes of even more lush and magical music. These two tracks craft very delicate atmosphere with all kinds of interesting ideas and elements, and are nicely contrasted by the violence of the distorted guitars. Overall, Unreqvited is taking his original sound and brilliantly expanding it into unknown territories. You can hardly notice that most of the ‘heavier’ elements are gone, since you are fully intoxicated with the lush atmosphere created. “Mosaic I: l'amour et l'ardeur” is a must buy release for any fans of bands like Deafheaven, Alcest, Heretoir, etc.

Bands: Unreqvited Album: Mosaic I: l'amour et l'ardeur

Label: Northern Silence

Release: November 23rd, 2018

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Genre: Atmospheric/Ambient Post-Black Metal/Post-Rock

Country: Canada

Rating: 93/100

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