Adaestuo - Krew Za Krew (2018)


Unleashing one of the most harrowing Atmospheric/Experimental Black Metal releases of 2018, today we have Adaestuo and their debut full-length “Krew Za Krew” . Created by VJS of Nightbringer fame, P.E. Packain ex-Horna, ex-Sargeist, and with Hekte Zaren handling all vocals, this outfit presents a very unique aural abuse that is quite intoxicating and engaging. For over 50 minutes the listener descends into the band’s suffocating madness, making it a very excruciatingly amazing experience.

Wasting no time to make an impression, “Red Moon” creates a very tense and dominant atmosphere with hellish vocals and chilling atmospherics. The tension continues with the Ambient/Noise piece “Transcendental”, which provides some sort of an interlude to their next punishing onslaught: “Monument”. Clocking in at 10 minutes, the hypnotic riffing sets a very dire tone, but it’s the whirlwind raw Black Metal elements that brings the listener into the early days of bands like Emperor and Enslaved.

Transmitting misery and anxiety, “Subterranean Fire” provides another hellish interlude for the listener to lose its sanity. Creepy whispers perfectly pair with clean female vocals and harsh shrieks in the brilliant “Death Transition”. As our favorite track, the dramatic contrast between the calm drumming and the sinister riffs creates a very dissonant and yet bone-chilling experience. The next BM onslaught, “Shadow Pilgrimage”, continues the onslaught with furious drumming and a very raw and frosty vibe.

Closing with the Mysticum/Diabolos Rising-esque “Hurmenn Tahrima”, the album closes as weirdly as it started. Adaestuo masterfully mixes atmospheric madness with raw and ravaging Black Metal in “Krew Za Krew”. The release alternating fashion allows both sides of their sound to fully sit with the listener while creating an oppressive atmosphere of despair and madness.

Bands: Adaestuo Album: Krew Za Krew

Label: World Terror Committee

Release: December 11th, 2018

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Genre: Atmospheric/Experimental Black Metal

Country: International

Rating: 90/100

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