In the Woods… - Cease the Day (2018)


Unleashing one of the most expected and full of hype (in some circles) releases of 2018, In the Woods… delivers one of their most direct and engaging albums. Filled with over 53 minutes of music, the band leaves no stone unturned with their highly diverse and creative musical repertoire. If you thought “Pure” was a one-off release after their return from a 14-year hiatus, this album will set the record straight that they are fully back and ready to rock.

Opening with the mystical “Empty Streets”, the band invokes similarities to old school outfits like Yearning, but with their own Progressive influences. James Fogarty had been instrumental for the band’s return and with his performance in this album (and the live shows) he cements his legacy in the storied history of this band. Going from soaring clean vocal passages to frenetic harsh sections, his vocals work wonders with the band’s unique music. As tracks like “Substance Vortex” and the epic “Respect My Solitude” establish the album’s mood, we are instantly brought back to the band’s revolutionary beginnings with a plethora of influences and genres mixed in together in perfect unison.

Reminding us a bit of Arcturus, “Cloud Seeder” is one of our favorite tracks in this release thanks to its playful introduction and killer guitar melodies. The somber “Still Yearning” delivers contrasting sections of brutality and melody, which perfectly blend into a very hectic and entertaining piece. Going to the basics of heavy guitars and catchy keyboard arrangements, “Strike Up With The Dawn” is one of those retro songs that reminds us of the Etherial Winds / early The Gathering days when keyboards started to get introduced into Metal music.

Closing with the moody album title track, In the Woods… reminds us of their great legacy and killer musical skills once more with “Cease the Day”. Anders Kobro and Mr. Fog are truly continuing the band’s unique trajectory and have released another epic album that fits within the band’s lore. Delivering killer live shows and being inspired to release new music allows the band to remain relevant and the fans to stay pleased and excited about their future.

Bands: In the Woods… Album: Cease the Day

Label: Debemur Morti

Release: November 23rd, 2018

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Genre: Avantgarde/Progressive Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 95/100

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