Chrome Division - One Last Ride (2018)


Riding one last time, Norway’s infamous hard rockers Chrome Division unleash their last opus “One Last Ride” this November. Featuring 12 superbly catchy tunes about boozing and women, this release is full of attitude and the band’s signature playful music. Catering for fans of The New Black, The Carburetors, and similar outfits, Shagrath and company have consistently delivered highly memorable music since their inception 15 years ago and with Eddie Guz back on vocals they decide to sign off into oblivion.

Straight out of a Robert Rodriguez movie, the epic opener “Return From The Wastelands” sets a very epic vibe for such an intoxicating release. Pummeling through “So Fragile”, we are quickly reminded of Eddie Guz signature vocals and while bittersweet that Shady Blue is not participating, Eddie’s vocals were made for this kind of music. The album’s first standout hit is the majestic “Walk Away in Shame”, with is playful chorus section and insanely funny lyrics.

A personal favorite is the intense “Back In Town”, featuring brilliant guitar leads and lush vocal melody arrangements. With the album spitting out instant drinking song classics like “You Are Dead to Me” and “I’m on Fire Tonight”, we challenge you to not be drunk (or wishing you are) by the end of this lively release. Focusing on only delivering high quality music, tracks like “This One is Wild” showcase that the band is far from gimmicky and has some decent chops at writing solid songs that go beyond the fun factor.

The release signs off with the very dramatic “Towards the Unknown”, leaving the listener quite sad, but pleased with the band’s unparalleled musical legacy. If you like Black Label Society and similar bands that focus on catchy music and a great party vibe while delivering seriously crafted tracks, Chrome Division is certainly at the same level of quality and originality. If you never heard of the band before, be prepared for some of the catchiest music you will hear this 2018.

Bands: Chrome Division Album: One Last Ride

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: November 16th, 2018

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Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 92/100

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