The Moor - Jupiter’s Immigrants (2018)


It is rare for us to find a release that is just so catchy that we drop everything else we have to review and focus 100% on it. Luckily for us, The Moor’s latest album “Jupiter’s Immigrants” falls in this very elusive category. Delivering nine brilliant and super melodic tracks, this Italian band managed to capture our undivided attention for hours on end. Mixing Progressive Metal and Rock elements, this album will captivate you since the first few seconds until the last note.

Opening with the highly melodic riffing of “Lead the Difference”, the band’s vocal melodies are what hooks you right in. Reminding us a bit of Edu Falaschi’s Almah, this band does a super job in oozing melody and catchines as we can hear in the album’s titled track. Packed with hefty dose of heavy riffs, subtle atmospheric keyboards and the guest appearance of Mikael Stanne, this title track is hands down one of the best songs of 2018.

The album is expertly crafted to transition between heavier songs, “The Profiteer”, to more experimental and dreamy tracks like: “Thousand Miles Away”, one of our favorites in this release. There are some cool Depeche Mode/Synth-pop elements thrown into the mix, making the band’s sound quite dynamic and engaging. With highly melodic tracks like “Enthroned”, “Inception”, and “Odin Vs Jesus”, we are always kept guessing as to what other innovation the band is going to mix into their core style.

Closing on a heavier note with both “The Alarmist” and “Dark Ruler”, this release showcases a band with a very unique sound that has appeal to most fans of heavier melodic music. Mixed and engineered by none other than Fredrik Nordström, this album sounds like a million bucks when played out loud, allowing the listener to fully experience every single musical element in perfection. With such an amalgamation of sounds put together, the listener is left to the task of fully immersing himself in this unique musical journey.

Bands: The Moor Album: Jupiter’s Immigrants

Label: Self-Released

Release: July 30th, 2018

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Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock

Country: Italy

Rating: 93/100

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