Unleashed - The Hunt for the White Christ (2018)


Back in the day when we started listening to Metal music, a loooong time ago, we remember having a tape of the Unleashed debut “Where No Life Dwells” and worshipping their ‘different’ sounding Death Metal music (in comparison to their American counterparts). Fast forward 27 years and the band’s sound is still timeless and equally punishing. With “The Hunt for the White Christ” the band continues to spread that heavy and crunchy old-school Swedish Death metal sound.

Bursting at the listener with “Lead us Into War”, we are instantly enveloped by the band’s sinister old-school sound. The guitars are flowing, the pace is hecting and the timeless vocals of Johnny Hedlund rattle our speakers as tracks like “You Will Fall” and “Stand Your Ground” demolish our eardrums. We particularly enjoy songs like “Gram” were the riffing is vicious and more mellow passages are perfectly introduced to keep the listener guessing and never bored.

That timeless Grave and Entombed sound is brilliantly delivered on songs like “Terror Christ”, “By the Western Wall”, and the crushing “The City of Jorsala Shall Fall”. As the riffing barrage continues, each track has its own magic and songs like “Vidaurgelmthul” and “Open to all World” continue to challenge the listener with a sinister mood and piercing growls. Clocking in at 41 minutes, “The Hunt for the White Christ” is one hell of a release from this legendary band that maintains their signature sound while benefiting of modern production values. If you are a nostalgic Metalhead, Unleashed as released an opus that you can’t miss.

Bands: Unleashed Album: The Hunt for the White Christ

Label: Napalm Records

Release: October 26th, 2018

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Genre: Death Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 90/100

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