Outre - Hollow Earth (2018)


Right up there with Behemoth, Vader and Hate, Outre is one of the most brutal and demoralizing Metal bands to come out of the Polish scene. Delivering another ravaging release with “Hollow Earth”, the band focuses on unleashing pummeling tracks filled with hate and destruction. Greatly improved from their 2015 debut “Ghost Chants”, the band is here to stay and level audiences and listeners in their path.

Setting the mood with a foul atmospheric intro, the release does not wait to hit hard with the blistering pace of “The Order of Abhorrence”. The band’s new vocalist, Mateusz Zborowski, keeps things interesting with a wide range of styles and levels of intensity that perfectly drive the aggression of the musical foundation. The guitar work in this release is exemplary as layers upon layers of distortion and crafted to create very thick and demoralizing walls of sound, like on “Combustion” and “Let the Earth Be Silent”.

Drawing similarities to Behemoth, the band’s bursts of speed are very well crafted into the oppressive songs providing some extra levels of brutality to already very punishing songs like our favorite “Distant Daylight”. Just when you think things couldn't get more sinister, “Aberrations” unleashes one hell of a frightening track with eerie atmospherics and buzzsaw like guitar onslaughts.

The band’s knack for crafting intricate songs with multiple layers of complexity is quite refreshing and addictive. As the album comes to a close with “Hollow Earth” we are left completely impressed by Outre, just like we were blown away with their debut in 2015. If you have a desire to find the most brutal and well crafted music you can find, but don’t want to go into the Technical Death Metal genre, then “Hollow Earth” is definitely the album that you are looking for.

Bands: Outre Album: Hollow Earth

Label: Debemur Morti

Release: October 26th, 2018

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Genre: Black/Death Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 90/100

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