Oberon - Aeon Chaser (2018)


Unleashing a very lively proggy release with “Aeon Chaser”, Norway’s Oberon self-labels their music a Gnostic Rock and they are not very far from the truth. Exploring a wide palette of sounds in their 11 songs, the band perfectly pairs acoustic passages with tons of atmospheric elements alongside a Progressive/Folk Rock core. In a similar vein than bands like Anathema, this release contains very well crafted songs that have a high replay value.

Opening with the dreamy “Omega”, we are instantly taken on a very trippy journey with songs that remind us of outfits like Yes and Marillion. The band’s progressive core allows them to craft intricate songs like “Walk in Twilight”, “The Secret Fire” and “Surrender” filled with memorable guitar melodies and soaring vocal arrangements. For those that like dreamier songs, “To Live to Die” crafts a very delicate atmosphere that nicely progresses as layers of additional elements like subtle piano arrangements are introduced.

In “Black Aura” we get to hear a more experimental side of things with some beats and heavier guitars mixed in with odd vocal arrangements, creating a very unpredictable and yet highly interesting song. Oberon’s 60’s and 70’s influences are quite evident from songs like “Lost Souls”, while some Dark Wave elements can be found in “Magus of the Dunes”.

As a whole, “Aeon Chase” is one of those releases that needs more than a few listens to fully unravel all the intricacies behind it. Completely recommended to fans of Prog rock with some folk and atmospheric elements, Oberon has managed to craft a very unique release that nicely adds plenty of familiar influences together.

Bands: Oberon Album: Aeon Chaser

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: October 26th, 2018

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Genre: Progressive/Folk Rock

Country: Norway

Rating: 88/100

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