Nochnoy Dozor - Nochnoy Dozor (2018)


Always challenging listeners with truly unique and very interesting releases, today Prophecy Productions brings us Nochnoy Dozor and their self-titled debut album. Mixing tons of atmospheric elements with Rock and Doom influences, this six song EP is one very crafty and engaging release. While the music is quite excellent, what distinguishes the band is the dual vocalist approach that fully develops the listener on very sultry and melancholic ride.

The release opens with “Black Hand” a very enigmatic piece filled with lush vocal melodies and very moody music that sets a very lounge-y tone. Lina and Revekka have great chemistry and it shines in songs like “Stains”, where they sections perfectly complement each other and create a very playful dynamic in the duet passages. Moving on to Doomier territories, “Closer” and “All Mine” feature heavy distorted riffs and a sound similar to outfits like Subrosa, Black Mare and Bathsheba.

Featuring some interesting experimental elements on tracks like “Home Sick Home”, it is quite hard to fully categorize the band as it brilliantly combines a huge amalgamation of styles into a very somber and emotive sound. Closing with the tense “Ben-Hur”, we can see how the band expertly crafts songs that are both heavy and mysterious, while allowing the vocals to shine and guide the listener through the pieces.

Overall, Nochnoy Dozor has managed to craft one hell of a debut EP that puts the band instantly on the map. Perfectly fitting the Prophecy Productions types of bands, we are quite excited to hear what comes next from this band. If you like bands with heavy riffs but focus more on the vocals and overall atmosphere than the ‘crunchiness’ of the guitars, then this is certainly a release you need to check out.

Bands: Nochnoy Dozor Album: Nochnoy Dozor

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: October 26th, 2018

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Genre: Atmospheric/Doom Rock/Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 92/100

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