The Exploding Eyes Orchestra - II (2018)


What better way to end a side project/temp band than with an epic release. Unfortunately, The Exploding Eyes Orchestra deliver their swan song with “II”. Featuring all the current members of Jess and the Ancient Ones, this band delivered unparalleled Psychedelic Rock experiences through their highly atmospheric and very emotional music. The seven tracks in this release perfectly craft a sultry and enigmatic atmosphere that is quite unique and intoxicating.

Leading the way with “Those of Us Left”, Jess enigmatic vocals hypnotize the listener as they waltz through moody melodies. This first track perfectly sets the ambiance for the more upbeat psychedelics of “Belladona”, a song that bring more of a J.A.T.A.O vibe to this release thanks to its playful keyboards and sultry pace. Providing an Opium-fueled experience, the lush “Harmain” is the perfect chill-out piece for those long nights at work.

Taking down the listener into their own world, “The Things You Do” offers a very trippy and engaging vibe, while “The Birch and The Sparrow” delivers a perfectly crafted emotional tour de force. On the groovy side, “Go Go Johnny Do” is our favorite track thanks to the intricate guitar work and lush vocal arrangements that deliver that authentic retro Psych-Rock experience that almost no band can deliver.

The Exploding Eyes Orchestra is no more after the dreamy “Love Eternal”, a brilliantly crafted song that lasts over 10 minutes. This last track is quite memorable and ethereal thanks to Jess’s angelic singing and mysterious instrumentation. Overall, “II” is a brilliant release that perfectly captures the band’s unique ideas and transmits tons of emotions. If you like dreamy and psychedelic releases, this is definitely one of the best you will ever be able to find.

Bands: The Exploding Eyes Orchestra Album: II

Label: Svart Records

Release: October 5th, 2018

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Genre: Psychedelic Rock/Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 95/100

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