Promethee - Convalescence (2018)


Like a bag of bricks to the face, today we have Switzerland's Promethee unleashing their latest opus “Convalescence”. Featuring nine tracks and over 35 minutes of music, this release is both very direct and yet crafty enough to showcase some cool Melodic/Progressive passages that sets them apart from the rest. Aggressive and yet well refined releases are hard to come by, and with this one, the band continues their musical journey with a more refined and very in-your-face style.

The heavy riffing of the album-titled opener allows the mood to instantly escalate to very hectic and punishing. However, the craftiness of the song structure makes it quite intriguing and melodic at times, in the same vein as the follow up track “While you Stood Still”. One of our favorite tracks is the funky “Endless”, which features a light mood crafted by trippy drumming and playful guitar melodies. It is quite pleasing to hear how the band’s Hardcore/Post-Metal influences brilliantly align with the unique song structures.

Holding nothing back, “Merchants” and “Witness” are two very brutal tracks that keep the momentum going with tons of Head banging passages. Getting into more atmospheric and complex song structures, “Demons” and “The Deep End” both feature crafty instrumental passages that nicely shift the mood and showcase the band’s depth.

Closing as strongly as the album starts, “Soiled” and “Old Bones” are two monstrous tracks filled with aggression and pummeling riffs. The band’s sound is truly unique and with “Convalescence” the continue to push and refine it. For those looking to not stray too far away from Post-Metal/Hardcore bands, but are interested in craftier and uniquely structured tracks, this album will certainly keep you entertained.

Bands: Promethee Album: Convalescence

Label: LifeForce Records

Release: October 12th, 2018

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Genre: Melodic/Progressive Hardcore/Post-Metal

Country: Switezerland

Rating: 88/100

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