Amaranthe - Helix (2018)


While Metal elitists are too busy hating on the band’s unique style, Amaranthe has constantly gained more and more worldwide notoriety. With “Helix” the band continues to push the boundaries of Metal with an even more bombastic release filled with their signature catchy electronic elements fused in with heavy guitars and harsh vocals. Led by the charismatic Elize Ryd, the band unleashes twelve superbly catchy songs that are the band’s best and most integrated material to date.

Instantly cranking it up to 11, the band opens with the brilliant “The Score”, a track that sets a high-octane intensity filled with catchy chorus sections and playful electronic elements. The band’s Pop-ish magic is perfectly fuses into “365”, where Elize delivers brilliant vocal melodies that are contrasted by the diverse male vocals and subtle atmospheric elements. Continuing the band’s uplifting mood, “Inferno” and “Control” deliver unrivaled catchiness and a very heavy edge to things.

The album’s title track is filled with energetic guitar riffs, dramatic atmospherics, and of course brilliant vocal melodies, making it one of the band’s best songs to date. Moving into a more mainstream territory, “Dream” features some rapped vocal lines that fit the song very well and shake things up a bit. The intensity never lets down as songs like “GG6” and “My Heaven” continue the party going. Those looking for the slow Power ballad-type song will be very pleased with the lush “Unified”.

Leaving us on a high note with “Momentum”, the band certainly has managed to surpass all expectations and deliver a brilliant release with “Helix”. Keeping things quite lively and always moving, Amaranthe crafts some of the most intoxicating Metal music you will ever hear. If you want to hear something superbly catchy with plenty of ‘butch’ elements, this is one of those releases you can’t miss.

Bands: Amaranthe Album: Helix

Label: Spinefarm Records

Release: October 19th, 2018

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Genre: Modern Melodic Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 92/100

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