Anaal Nathrakh - A New Kind of Horror (2018)


Continuously working on punishing their listeners eardrums, today we have Anaal Nathrakh and their latest opus of madness “A New Kind of Horror”. As one of the most brutal bands in the world, this British twosome deliver ten ravaging tracks that blend elements from Industrial/Death/Black Metal with Grindcore aggression in a way they will have you asking for mercy after 5 minutes. If you are a fan of their destructive ways, this release should perfectly please your need for some extreme music.

The aural assault starts with the bone-crushing “Obscene as Cancer” with massive drums and harrowing vocal arrangements that will haunt you for life. We particularly love how the band adds the clean vocals as a contrast to their demoralizing music, giving them a certain Borknagar-esque vibe but in a completely different, and more brutal, context. If you are not punished enough, “The Reek of Fear” features some creepy atmospherics that we equate to the trumpets of the rapture.

Keeping things super creepy and brutal, the industrial vibe of “Forward!” perfectly mixed with heavy guitar riffs remind us a bit of old school Fear Factory, while the intensity of “New Bethlehem/Mass Death Futures” delivers some over the top shrieks and funky tempo changes with some King Diamonesque screams thrown in the mix. Our personal favorite is the blistering “Vi Coactus”, featuring some devilish drums and crushing riffs that make it quite memorable and yet melodic at times.

Saving some of the most haunting tracks till the end, “The Horrid Strife” and the atmospheric “Are We Fit for Glory Tet?”. As a whole, “A New Kind of Horror” is one step up from the band’s usual aural abuse. Covering a wide variety of styles while maintaining an insane level of brutality is something that Anaal Nathrakh excels at. If you are on a quest for the most extreme and deranged music that is both structured and well crafted, look no more and fall in love with this release and band.

Bands: Anaal Nathrakh Album: A New Kind of Horror

Label: Metal Blade Records

Release: Septmebr 28th, 2018

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Genre: Extreme/Industrial Metal / Grindcore

Country: UK

Rating: 92/100

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