Dark Sarah - The Golden Moth (2018)


Led by the charismatic and highly talented Heidi Parviainen, today we have Dark Sarah’s third full-length release “The Golden Moth”. Completing “The Chronicles” trilogy, this cinematic/symphonic Metal album is full of bombastic arrangements and very dramatic instrumentation creating a magical atmosphere. Going bigger than in the past, the band instantly immerses the listeners into their lyrical context and provides a truly engaging experience.

Opening with “Desert Rose”, there is a certain mysterious mood that frames the beginning of this story very well and creates great expectation on the listener. New permanent member, JP Leppäluoto, delivers a solid vocal performance as Dragon, complementing Heidi’s angelic chants. With the band’ further setting the mood with songs like “Trespasser” and “Wheel”, the immersion feels deeper and deeper. The Jurassic Park-esque atmospheric elements of “My Beautiful Enemy”, make for a very grandiose and ear catching tracks that is quite hard to get out of your head.

The playful “I Once Had Wings” nicely changes the pace with lush lead dueling vocals and a heavy emphasis on catchiness. For those looking for the Symphonic Metal super anthems, “Sky Sailing” is definitely up to the task with killer guitars and a melodramatic arrangements. After the soothing relaxing experience of “Wish”, the album’s crown jewel is the magical “The Gods Speak”. In this track we have the participation of Marco Hietala and Zuberoa Aznarez, greatly enhancing the vocal capabilities of this band and delivering a truly unique and powerful musical experience.

Coming full circle with the album title track and “The Gate of Time” outro, we are left very impressed by the band’s creativity and ability to create unique and memorable tracks that are both bombastic and very catchy. Dark Sarah is one hell of a band and with this release they further cement their sound within the scene while delivering a very rich lyrical and musical experience. Totally recommeded for fans of bands like Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Delain and Epica.

Bands: Dark Sarah Album: The Golden Moth

Label: Iron Wound Recordings

Release: Septmebr 21st, 2018

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Genre: Cinematic/Symphonic Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 90/100

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