The Unity - Rise (2018)


Unleashing over 55 minutes of superbly catchy hard rocking music, today we have Germany’s The Unity and their sophomore release “Rise”. Featuring members of Gamma Ray and Love.Might.Kill, this release delivers a very interesting mixture of traditional Hard Rock with Power Metal elements, allowing for the band to delivering brilliant technically proficient passages, while maintaining a lively mood and a high level of catchiness. If you like bands like Stratovarius, Warlock, Helloween, etc., but also like something more easy to digest and to sing along, then definitely check out this release.

After a dramatic atmospheric opener, “Last Betrayal” instantly cranks up the intensity and the catchiness up to 11. This track kicks off with dramatic vocals by Jan Manenti and a very hectic pace. The chorus sections are just brilliant, allowing this track to be stuck in your head for a while after the first listen. The first standout track is the intoxicating “You Got Me Wrong”, which is definitely one of the most engaging and memorable songs we have heard in quite a while.

Showing their songwriting skills, tracks like “The Storm” deliver brilliant instrumentation while being full of energy and genuine attitude, something quite rare these days from up and coming outfits. Perfectly complementing the band’s core instruments, Sascha Onnen’s keyboards give the songs that extra atmospheric element when needed and pleasantly stay in the background when the ripping solos make their appearance as on the magical “Road to Nowhere”.

With the album progressing with superb songs like the dramatic “No Hero”, the moodiness of “The Willow Tree” and the Power Metal chops of “Children of the Light”, we are reminded of the great versatility and musical experience behind this band. Started by Michael Ehré and Henjo Richter of Gamma Ray fame, this outfit delivers great quality music both in terms of originality and effectiveness. If you are a fan of Power/Heavy Metal with some Hard Rock tendencies, then you will completely love “Rise”.

Band: The Unity Album: Rise

Label: Steamhammer

Release: September 14th, 2018

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Hard Rock/Power Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 90/100

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