Manes - Slow Motion Death Sequence (2018)


As one of the most forward thinking and creative bands to come out of Norway, today we have Manes and their latest opus of madness titled “Slow Motion Death Sequence”. Featuring over 44 minutes of lush cinematic music filled with trip-hop, electronic, Metal, and even some synth-pop elements, this release further expands the band’s musical range. Constantly pushing the envelope, this release delivers nine intoxicating songs that demand attention and an open mind.

The release kicks off with the magical jazzy moodiness of “Endetidstegn”, a piece filled with dreamy atmospheric elements and lush vocal arrangements featuring Ana Carolina from Mounring Sun and the enchanting Anna Murphy of Cellar Darling. Things get futuristic with the catchy “Scion”, featuring some funky vocals and a very modern synth-pop-ish feeling. This song is one of the catchiest tracks in this release for sure.

With some incisive guitars and playful vocal arrangements, “Chemical Heritage” creates a very unique moody and in a way peaceful atmosphere. Busting out the electronic/trip-hop-ish elements in “Threapism” the vibe from the release shifts into more expansive and exploratory territories. We are big fans of complex songs which feature different moods and are heavy on the atmospheric side and “Last Resort” fits the bill. This song is filled with dreamy passages, dramatic vocal arrangements and a magical progression that culminates with killer guitar work that is quite grandiose.

Continuing with the band’s musical exploits, we have the very dark and trippy “Poison Enough For Everyone”, the very engaging “Building the Ship of Theseus” and its female vocal arrangements, both of which showcase the band’s abilities to craft very unique and different songs and yet retain the traditional Manes aura. The album closes with the madness of “Night Vision”, a truly exhilarating track that combines a mysterious pace with superbly dreamy arrangements, and the Drone-ish elements of “After”.

Overall, Manes has managed to produce a release that is even more captivating and weirder than their previous ones. With “Slow Motion Death Sequence”, Tor-Helge Skei continues to push the envelope into very unique and totally odd soundscapes that are actually quite intoxicating and will leave you wanting for more. If you are looking for unique music, look no further as this release will satisfy your cravings for the multiple weeks it takes to fully deconstruct and enjoy this release.

Bands: Manes Album: Slow Motion Death Sequence

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: August 24th, 2018


Genre: Experimental / Avant-garde

Country: Norway

Rating: 94/100

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