Bonjour Tristesse - Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare (2018)


Always bringing to the listeners the most unique underground Metal bands, today we have LifeForce Records one-man project Bonjour Tristesse and their sophomore release “Your Urban Nightmare”. Perfectly blending elements of Post-Black Metal with influences from bands like Heretoir, Alcest, Austere, etc., this release unleashes over 44 minutes of intense and highly emotional music.

Opening with the album title track, we start with a very intense barrage of hectic riffs and solid harsh vocals that slowly blend into more melodic territories. The band’s musical approach while similar to other bands in the genre, explore more melodic and atmospheric passages, crafting a very unique and disharming sound.

As the album moves through harsh tracks like “Like the Scythe in the Ripened Field” and the more mellow “Alienation”, the band’s creativity is clearly palpable as the songs are unique in their own way and yet deliver familiar sounds and styles. The band’s mastermind, Nathanael, has played with countless other outfits (Thränenkind, Heretoir), and has acquired enough experience and ideas to unleash very powerful and direct songs like the punishing “One of the Ghostfolk”, while also being able to craft mournful melodies that shift the mood into darker territories like on the super bleak “The Act of Laughing in a World Once Beautiful Now Dying”.

Saving some of the craftier songs for the end, “The End of the World” and “Wavebreaker” perfectly bring this release to a close with a heavy dose of rawness and unrivaled talent. Overall, “Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare” is the perfect release for Post-Black Metal fans that are looking for a very well crafted release that introduces new ideas to the genre.

Bands: Bonjour Tristesse Album: Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare

Label: LifeForce Records

Release: July 27th, 2018

Bandcamp | Facebook

Genre: Post-Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 91/100

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