Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods (2018)


Finally returning after all the legal battles with Abbath over the band's name and legacy, today we have Immortal and their latest frosty release "Northern Chaos Gods". Unleashing eight tracks and 42 minutes of traditional Immortal-style Black Metal, Demonaz and company keep the flame alive with superbly catchy tracks filled with an unstoppable barrage of riffs.

Starting strong with a powerful album title track, Immortal sets sails on their melodic icy journey with the brilliant "Gates To Blashyrkh" track, which immediately brings back memories from their "Battles of the North" era. The album's production is top notch, with songs like "Grim and Dark", sounding like a million bucks, everything down to the smallest detail makes the band's music have their timeless sound and with a modern edge to it. Handling all guitar duties, Demonaz unleashes a wide array of killer riffs on songs like "Called to Ice" and the exhilarating "Where Mountains Rise". By also handling the vocals, Demonaz shows he is the main engine and heart and soul behind Immortal.

Throughout the album and particularly on the ravaging "Blacker of Worlds", Horg runs amok with his intense drumming style, creating quite playful and catchy patters that drive the intensity of the band's music with finesse and perfection. Saving one of the best for last, "Mighty Ravendark" closes this release with a grandiose Immortal-esque melodic piece that is brilliant for headbanging and running around with unplugged guitars over some mountains. This track gets you pumped unlike anything else we've heard this 2018, so be sure not to miss out on it.

Overall, "Northern Chaos Gods" shows that Immortal is not slowing down and moving past the last couple of rocky years. Demonaz and Horg have managed to keep up with expectations and have delivered a truly worthy album to their hordes of fans. If you are looking for some old-school Black Metal filled with brilliant melodic passages and a killer identity. The kings of frosty lack Metal have returned, so be sure to get this release and start headbanging from start to end.

Band: Immortal Album: Northern Chaos Gods

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: July 6th, 2018

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 92/100

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