Varsovie - Coups et Blessures (2018)


Hailing from France, today we have dark post-punk/rock outfit Varsovie and their latest full-length release “Coups et Blessures”. Filled with moody songs and superbly catchy and somber arrangements, this release is definitely one of the ‘non-metal’ highlights we have heard in 2018. Recommended for fans of bands like Spiritual Front and similar outfits, Varsovie does a great job delivering a hard rocking release that is captivating and engaging.

Opening with the bluntness of “Coups et Blessures”, the band sets a very lively tone with catchy percussions and interesting guitar leads. The mood is quite somber and yet very raw, allowing emotions to easily flow through brilliant tracks like “Revers de l’aube” and our favorite “Va dire à Sparte”. While not even close to Metal music, these last two tracks feature some very powerful and engaging riffs that make them quite memorable and perfectly fitting for the band’s overall attitude.

Reminding us a bit of bands like The Cure, “Killing Anna” delivers one of the most interesting tracks in this release thanks to its incisive guitar work and highly emotional vocals. Grégory Cathérina is a very charismatic singer and on tracks like “Le Lac” amd “Intersections” you can greatly enjoy his signature vocals. With all lyrics in French, tracks like “Discipline” have an extra appeal, at least for the foreign markets as the language plays very well with the band’s direct and raw style.

Closing the release with the insanely catchy “Chevaux échappés” and the lush “Feux”, Varsovie leaves on a high note. In “Coups et Blessures” the band manages to create a very somber and yet eclectic and enjoyable sound that any dark/gothic rock and post-punk fan will greatly enjoy. If you are into dark, direct and catchy music, look no further and get a copy of this release.

Bands: Varsovie Album: Coups et Blessures

Label: Sun Dust Records

Release: May 11th, 2018

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Genre: Dark Rock / Post-Punk

Country: France

Rating: 91/100

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