Follow the Cipher – Follow the Cipher (2018)


Creating a very unique and engaging musical experience, today we have newcomers Follow the Cipher and their self-titled debut release. Thanks to their impressive and enveloping sound, the band kicks off their career in the spotlight signed to Nuclear Blast records and with incredible charisma and skill. If you are looking for a cinematic musical experience that blends elements from bands like Kamelot, Sabaton and Amaranthe, this is definitely a band you want to check out.

Opening with the intense “Enter the Cipher”, we are treated to a Nightwish-esque pace filled with catchy riffs and over the top keyboards. The atmosphere is quite well crafted and led by the beautiful Linda Toni Grahn, the band makes a quick first impression filled with catchy music and lush vocal leads (both male and female). Using some electronic elements in their music, the band crafts superbly engaging track like “Valkyria” a song that ups the ante and keeps things intense as “My Soldier” and “Winterfall” roll in.

For the power-ballad seekers, “Titan’s Call” is definitely a killer track filled brilliant guitar leads and melancholic vocal arrangements that work magically. With their whole post-apocalyptic/cyber punk/pirate look, the band takes their songs to life, and if tracks like “The Rising”, “A Mind’s Escape” and “Play with Fire” are brought to the live setting with such intensity and playfulness, we can’t even image how engaging their live shows would be.

The album winds down with excellent tracks like our personal favorite “I Revive” a track that we can instantly picture thousands of people singing a cheering along. Originally formed by Ken Kängström as a solo project, Follow the Cipher shows great chemistry and members Karl Löfgren, Viktor Carlsson, Jonas Asplind, perfectly come together to craft some very fresh sounding and interesting music. Closing with an epic cover of Sabatons “Carolus Rex”, we are left in quite a musical high that will take a while to come done from… especially since we keep playing the album over and over.

Bands: Follow the Cipher Album: Follow the Cipher

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: May 11th, 2018

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Genre: Melodic Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 95/100

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