Dark Buddha Rising – II (2018)


Unleashing one of the most hypnotic and intoxicating Psychedelic Sludge/Doom release of 2018, today we have Finland’s Dark Buddha Rising and their latest EP “II”. Coming out via Neurot Recordings, this release features two tracks and around 25 minutes of trance inducing music that elevates the band’s already unique sound to a whole new level.

The band kicks off with the sludgy opening riffs of “Mahathgata I” and it slowly transitions into a truly intoxicating piece with the uniquely odd vocals of Marko Neuman. This track perfectly blends catchiness with atmospheric dominance and hints of psychedelia that are quite characteristic from the band. As the track progresses, it keep beating the listener with its crushing riffs while shifting into a darker and heavier piece. Lasting around 15 minutes, this is one hell of a track that perfectly captures the band’s idiosyncrasies.

Following up with “Mahathgata II”, the band moves into the realm of the metaphysical with some lush atmospherics that transport the listener to other planes of existence. The eerie vocal arrangements make this song quite a treat to listen to as it takes us back to back packing in places like Nepal and Tibet. We won’t ruin the full experience, but we can certainly say this is one of the most interesting and captivating songs we have heard in quite a while.

As a whole, “II” is a brilliant EP from this excellent outfit. The riffing is top notch and creates a very unique wall of sound that only a handful of bands can aspire to. We have to say that Dark Buddha Rising keeps getting better with time, and can’t wait to catch them live this summer at DBE 2018. If you are looking for heavy and yet crafty Psychedelic Sludge/Doom release, this is a must have release.

Band: Dark Buddha Rising Album: II

Label: Neurot Recordings

Release: April 20th, 2018

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Genre: Psychedelic Sludge/Drone/Doom Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 92/100

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