Towards Atlantis Lights – Dust of Aeons (2018)


Perfectly crafted for lovers of melancholic Doom Metal, today we have international Funeral / Death/Doom outfit Towards Atlantis Lights, and their soul crushing debut release “Dust of Aeons”. Formed by Ivan Zara and having the likes of Kostas Panagiotou in their ranks, this band delivers a truly monumental debut release, unleashing almost 60 minutes of music in four tracks.

Wasting no time, the band slowly builds up their massive sound with the 30-minute “The Bunker of Life”, filled with demoralizing riffs and haunting clean vocals, this track is deep and crushing. The subtle keyboards brilliantly layer on top of the oppressive atmosphere crafted by the guitar work and the deep growls. Between lush atmospheric passages and barrages of pummeling riffs, the time quickly passes by with this track and you won’t even realize you are 25 minutes into it, just brilliant.

Taking a little breather, “Babylon's Hanging Gardens” instantly brings back some Thergothon memories mixed in with some cool Tenhi-like acoustic elements. Leading with some moody riffs, “Alexandria’s Library” perfectly continues to crush the listener’s will to live with its powerful guitars and deep growls. We particularly enjoy the keyboards added here and there to provide a ray of light, on an otherwise quite dense and devastating atmosphere.

Closing with “Greeting Mausolus' Tomb”, we are completely exhausted and demoralized by this powerful release. The band’s mixture of weeping guitar passages and eerie clean vocals, makes up for a short but brilliant track. As a whole, “Dust of Aeons” is a monumental release that any fan of the genre should have in their collection. Towards Atlantis Lights is definitely not messing around and with this release, they have announced they have arrived.

Band: Towards Atlantis Lights Album: Dust of Aeons

Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

Release: March 5th, 2018

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Genre: Funeral/Death/Doom Metal

Country: International

Rating: 95/100

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