Aeonian Sorrow – Into The Eternity A Moment We Are (2018)


Formed by musicians from Finland and Greece, Aeonian Sorrow is set to unleash their debut album “Into The Eternity A Moment We Are” on April 11, 2018. Featuring nearly 60 minutes of beautiful and yet demoralizing Melodic/Gothic Doom Metal, this release caters to the fans of bands like Draconian, Swallow the Sun, old Tristania etc. This young band manages to release eight brilliant tracks full with memorable moments and expert musicianship.

Opening the album with "Forever Misery", we are instantly greeted by solemn keyboards and piercing Doom riffs. Alejandro Lotero’s growls are exactly what the doctor ordered in these types of releases and perfectly contrast Gogo Melone’s enchanting female vocals. With Gogo also handling the keyboard duties, the band creates a very dense and crushing atmosphere, as heard in “Shadows Mourn”. The My Dying Bride-esque “Under the Light” delivers ripping guitars and very well-spaced drums, crafting the perfect mournful headbanging tune.

For those looking for something even more melancholic and dramatic, “Memory of Love” is a brilliant piece that sends chills down our spines every time we listen to it. With songs like “Thanatos Kyrie” and “Insendia”, the band continues to demonstrate their unique skills in crafting very powerful songs filled with majestic tempo changes and interweaving vocal arrangements. Showcasing great musical maturity, this band is certainly at the top of the genre when it comes to creative songwriting.

Leaving on a high-note, “Ave End” closes this release with commanding riffs and very vibrant atmospheric keyboards. We are left completely exhausted, in a good way, by this monumental release. With many years with not even one good release in this genre, it is quite impressive that 2018 has given us already a few albums that are this good. If you are a fan of Melodic/Gothic Doom Metal, “Into The Eternity A Moment We Are” should be an instant addition to your collection.

Band: Aeonian Sorrow Album: Forever Misery

Label: Self-Released

Release: April 11th, 2018

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Genre: Melodic/Gothic Doom Metal

Country: Finland/Greece

Rating: 93/100

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