Novareign – Legends (2018)


Unleashing one of the best debut releases we have heard in a long time, today we have Novareign and their super release “Legends”. Featuring nine killer tracks of highly refined Progressive/Power Metal, this band kicks some serious ass with their over-the-top energy and musicianship. If you are fan of bands like Dragonforce and Stratovarius, this release will certainly keep you entertained.

Opening with the killer guitar work of “Call On the Storm”, the band quickly sets a very intense pace. Perfectly blending extreme musical skills with a good sense of melody and song structures, the band in an instant captures your full attention, particularly in marathonic songs like “Mace of a Fist”. David Marquez vocals are the perfect fit for such a dynamic and engaging sound, as we can hear in the intense “Beyond the Cold”, and the rest of this killer release.

Never relying on abusing their individual musical talents, the band crafts very melodic pieces, like “Skyline” and “The Builder”, which feature the full package of great pacing, solid vocals and brilliant musicianship. With Danny Nobel and Balmore Lemus handling the guitar work, we are quite impressed in songs like “Black as the Dead of Night”, were they showcase their acrobatic talents in this blistering piece.

Closing with the catchy album title track, the band leaves on a very high note, making us want even more. Seemingly out of nowhere, “Legends” is one hell of a release that instantly puts the band on the map. While the strong similarities to bands like Dragonforce might put off some people, the band has more than one trick up their sleeves and deliver some very interesting and intricate music. If you want fast and brilliantly executed Power/Progressive Metal music, look no further and get this one.

Band: Novareign Album: Legends

Label: M-Theory

Release: February 16th, 2018

Bandcamp Facebook

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 90/100

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