Killing Gandhi – Aspirations of Failure (2018)


Hailing from Denmark, today we have the most promising new kids on the Melodic Death Metal block: Killing Gandhi. With a highly refined and effective sound, this band unleashes upon us their sophomore release “Aspirations of Failure”. Mixing everything we love from bands like Dark Tranquility, Children of Bodom, (old) In Flames, Kalmah, Omnium Gatherum, etc. the band delivers nearly 40-minutes of neck breaking music that is definitely one of the best releases of the genre in quite a while.

After the obligatory atmospheric intro, the band quickly gets down to business with the intense “Let Me Tell You”. This track starts off with killer catchy riffs and energetic vocals, and while there are tons of influences there, the band has their own unique signature style. With some futuristic keyboards, “Dark Hours” and “Hollow Paintings” are definitely some of the highlights of this release, blending tight drumming with intricate riffing and a very upbeat tempo.

In a more traditional fashion, “The Great Escape” combines lead-guitar wizardry with brilliant atmospheric elements and a hearty pace to keep things exciting and the listener well engaged. As the band breezes through epic tracks like “My True Being” and the superbly catchy “The Painter and the Sleeper”, we are quite impressed on the technical maturity and ease the songs showcase, as well as the level of originality shown.

Ending with the dreamy “Building my Own Fate”, the band perfectly incorporates female vocals into the mix, to create a truly astonishing closing song. Overall, we are quite blow away by the level of quality and improvement over their 2015 release, and are looking forward to what else can the band do in the future. If you like to headbang to Melodic Death Metal, this is certainly a release you do not want to miss in 2018.

Band: Killing Gandhi Album: Aspirations of Failure

Label: Massacre Records

Release: February 23rd, 2018

Website Facebook

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Denmark

Rating: 93/100

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