Yhdarl – Loss (2018)


From mastermind Olmo Lipani (AKA Déhà), today we have a truly terrifying and unique release with his band Yhdarl. With “Loss” we are treated to three ravaging (and long) tracks that border in the edge of sanity, and delivers some unique experimentation between Black/Death/Doom Metal and some Drone elements. Not for those that like well-defined genres, this release is a truly haunting experience.

Opening with the spiraling madness of “Ignite – Ashes”, the duo behind Yhdarl sets a very chaotic and intense tone. The vocals are truly deranged, a la Bethlehem circa “Dictius Te Necare” times. This song mostly delivers killer Black/Death Metal passages with an excellent atmosphere, we are reminded at times of Ancient and even Dissection.

Slowly easing into a brilliant mixture of meditative passages and a barrage of bone-chilling vocals mixed with haunting chants, “Despise – Pity” changes the pace into more sinister territories. This song perfectly combines the brutality and intensity of the first one, with a more ‘restrained’ and calculated mixture of Doomy/Experimental elements.

Closing with the Doomier “Sources – Nihil”, the band signs off with crushing riffs in this punishing track. Overall, “Loss” features excellent musicianship that brings together chaotic melodies and suffocating atmospherics in a very oppressive way. This release has great replay value as everytime you listen to it, you discover something new and interesting.

Band: Veiled Album: Black Celestial Orbs

Label: I, Void Hanger Records

Release: January 19th, 2018

Bandcamp Facebook

Genre: Experimental Black/Death/Doom Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 90/100

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