Spectral Lore / Jute Gyte - Helian (2018)


As one of the most interesting split releases of this young 2018, today we have Spectral Lore and Jute Gyte’s split “Helian”. Featuring two tracks and over 40-minutes of intense (and highly experimental) Atmospheric Black Metal, this release demonstrates the two ‘bands’ different takes and musical translation of Georg Trakl’s poem. Which each outfit delivering a chilling and unique experience, this release is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Jute Gyte kicks off the release with a very dissonant opening that slowly transitions into a trance-like state with disparate guitars and funky atmospherics. The vocals are quite disturbing, as they capitalize on the weird atmosphere generated by the repetitive riffs and dense distortion. As the track progresses, it feels like we are descending into madness as it just keeps getting more and more chaotic and bizarre. Truly unique and interesting first ‘half’ of this release.

With a similar opening, Spectral Lore delivers the second track, featuring a better defined sound that is quite elegant and contrasting to the first song. The band slowly builds into a doomy vibe thanks to weeping guitars and mysterious clean vocals. This track has a slower and more demoralizing progression as it tends to hide its secrets better while eating away at the listener’s soul. We particularly love how after some very slow and doomy start, it suddenly goes into more dynamic and atmospheric territories.

Overall, “Helian” is a truly interesting release that showcases both ‘one-man’ band’s unique visions and musical creativity. While highly experimental, the music here is quite well within the listener’s grasp as it delivers some unique and bone-chilling passages. If you like completely different music that will disturb you and yet keep you wanting more, this is certainly something up your alley.

Band: Veiled Album: Black Celestial Orbs

Label: I, Void Hanger Records

Release: January 18th, 2018

Spectral Lore Jute Gyte

Genre: Experimental/Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Greece/ USA

Rating: 87/100

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