Avslut – Deceptis (2018)


Completely catching us by surprise and blowing us away, today we have Sweden’s Avslut and their debut release “Deceptis”. With a name like Avslut (audio/visual slut, average slut - as defined by urban dictionary), we were quite skeptical about this release, but since the moment it started we were totally wrong. Released by Osmose productions, this band delivers over 43 minutes of lush melodic Black Metal similar to outfits like Dimmu Borgir (minus the fluffy stuff) and the brutality of Dark Funeral.

Opening with “Pestilens” the band viciously smacks the listener with intense drumming and intricate riffing. The atmosphere crafted is instantly chaotic and quite destructive, with hellish vocals and a blistering pace. Perfectly mixing superbly fast passages with more melodic and crafty riffs, the band pummels through tracks like “Förlorad” and “Existensens skugga” with such grace and demoralizing brutality.

For a debut release, “Deceptis” includes pieces like “Martyrium” and “Legion” that are quite mature and expertly crafted. Facilitated by an amazing production and mixing, this release allows you to feel the full evilness of the band’s crushing Black Metal in songs like “Evigt mörker” and “Terra Mater”. Both songs are filled with sinister guitar work, completely harrowing vocals and intricate drumming.

Rounding things off with the moody “Avslut” track, the band showcases a more ‘reserved’ approach to building up into full-on majestic hellishness. As a whole, “Deceptis” is one hell of a release that is quite intense and demoralizing. The band’s sound is fresh and quite rich, allowing them to easily be one of the most exciting Black Metal bands we’ve heard in a few years. Completely recommended for fans of Old Man’s Child, Dimmu Borgir, Marduk, etc.

Band: Avslut Album: Deceptis

Label: Osmose Productions

Release: March 12th, 2018

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 92/100

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