On Thorns I Lay – Aegean Sorrow (2018)


Going back to their original Death/Doom Metal roots, today we have On Thorns I Lay and their amazing release: “Aegean Sorrow”. Keeping the Death/Doom Metal flame alive, the band delivers over 45 minutes of truly demoralizing music that reminds us of their sound back in the 90’s and outfits like Celestial Seasons (early days) and Forest of Shadows. If you are looking for Death/Doom Metal, this is the album to get in 2018.

Opening with the incisive riffs and gargantuan growls of the album title track we are taken back in time to the heydays of the genre. The band however adds a certain dimension of modern Melodic Death/Doom Metal as we can hear in the melodic guitars of “Erevos” and the crushing “In Emerald Eyes”, were we get a Swallow the Sun/Hanging Garden-esque contrast of deep growls and catchy guitars.

For those looking for more straightforward old-school Death/Doom worship, “Olethros” part I perfectly captures that essence, while part II delivers a more delicate and atmospheric experience with lush acoustic guitars thrown into the mix with the epic guitar leads and overall somber atmosphere. One of our favorite tracks has to be the very melodramatic “The Final Truth” and its lush string elements perfectly paired with clean vocals and brilliant contrasting tempo changes into growls and repetitive riffs.

The album slows down to its closing with the combination of the moody acoustics elements of “A Sign of Sadness” and the hypnotizing piano of “Skotos”. Overall, “Aegean Sorrow” is a great release from On Thorns I Lay that will certainly turn heads and have new fans researching the band’s extensive discography. For us, old fans, this is a brilliant release that combines their older sound with a modern edge and of course the brilliance of Dan Swanö in the mixing and mastering department.

Band: On Thorns I Lay Album: Aegean Sorrow

Label: Alone Records

Release: March 12th, 2018

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Melodic Death/Doom Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 93/100

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