Frozen Crown – The Fallen King (2018)


Delivering a hefty dose of catchy and energetic Power Metal, today we have Italy’s Frozen Crown and their debut release “The Fallen King”. Featuring over 44 minutes of music divided in ten songs, the band showcases excellent songwriting skills and a great balance between intensity and melody. If you are a fan of bands like Rhapsody, Stratovarius and similar outfits, you don’t want to miss this one.

Formed by multi-instrumentalist (and vocalist) Federico Mondelli, the band quickly sets a very energetic pace with the intricate “Fall No More”. The band’s riffing is quite traditional, and allows the songs to change tempos and showcase other elements quite well. The male vocals are pretty standard for the genre, but the highlight is Giada Etro’s singing. We are familiar with her voice from her work with Ashes you Leave, but here she takes things to a completely different level in tracks like “To Infinity”, “Kings” and the superb “I am the Tyrant”.

The guitar work is quite well crafted, with tracks like “The Shieldmaiden” featuring some killer leads and intricate solos. For a band that was put together in 2017, their sound is extremely mature and well crafted. Being suckers for Power ballads, “Chasing Lights” is definitely one of our favorite songs. The occasional use of harsh vocals is interesting, but feels a bit of place on tracks like “Queen of Blades”, which has a certain Children of Bodom-esque edge to it.

The band saves the best for last with the Nightwish-esque “Everwinter” and the extremeness of “Netherstorm”. We are particularly impressed with the cohesion and expert craftsmanship behind the band’s music in “The Fallen King”. Plenty of Power Metal outfits never achieve this quality over dozens of releases, so we are excited for what this band can do in the future. Highly recommended for fans of the genre looking for another band to add to their collection.

Band: Frozen Crown Album: The Fallen King

Label: Scarlet Records

Release: February 9th, 2018

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Power Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 88/100

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