Abysmal Grief – Blasphema Secta (2018)


Unleashing a truly decadent and terrifying release, today we have Italy’s Abysmal Grief and their very unique amalgamation of Dark/Doom Metal with eerie atmospherics and Avant-garde elements. Clocking in at around 45 minutes of pure decadence, “Blasphema Secta” is a very unique release has a certain retro and raw vibe that will haunt your dreams.

Setting up the mood with the creepy atmospheric intro, the band eases into the madness of “Behold the Corpse Revived”. This track has a certain The Vision Bleak meets Dark Lunacy vibe with hits lush instrumentation and very determined and chilling pace. Things get a bit wacky with the harrowing “Maleficence” and its eerie catchiness. This track sets a very playful mood with some Gothic/Punk-ish elements thrown into the mix.

The catchiness continues with the incisive riffs and crafty vocals of “Witchlord”. The track nicely changes the pace, but still retains the band’s core sound while exploring some darker corners of their sound. We particularly love Labes C. Necrothytus vocal and keyword work, allowing the music to be more diverse and highly engaging. The clean female vocals are also a nice addition to this dark and relentless track.

The use of atmospheric tracks like “When Darkness Prevails” is very effective in this release, allowing the listeners to brace themselves for the upcoming madness. Closing on a high note with the brilliant “Ruthless Profaners”, the band perfectly caps a uniquely bizarre and yet very intoxicating release with more playful use of keyboards/synths and deranged tempo changes and vocal madness. Overall, “Blasphema Secta” is a very unique and highly atmospheric release that should be in the collection of any fan of Doomy Dark/Avant-garde atmospheric music. Be sure to pick up a vinyl copy via Sun & Moon Records or the lush digipack from Terror from Hell Records.

Band: Abysmal Grief Album: Blasphema Secta

Label: Terror from Hell Records/ Sun & Moon Records

Release: January 13th, 2018

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Avant-garde/Dark Doom Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 90/100

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