Nyctophilia – Dwelling in the Fullmoon Light (2017)


Unleashing a truly intense musical outburst, today we have one-man Nyctophilia and their full-length release “Dwelling in the Fullmoon Light”. Seeing the light of day on CD format via Mara Productions, this eight tracks sonically abusive release is ready to deliver its brutal and frosty message to a wider audience. Perfectly balancing atmosphere with ravaging intensity, this release is intended for any BM fan that is also into creepy and overpowering atmospherics.

After the warm-up intro, the release fully kicks in with the punishing drumming and riffing of “As Nothing Remains Here”. The track is quite intense and very well developed, bringing back memories from bands like Anorexia Nervosa, thanks to its crushing production and intense demeanor. The brutal onslaught continues with the pummeling “Dark December Forest” and the more mysterious and dense album title track. Both of which go from Immortal-esque moments into darker and more somber vibes.

Changing things up, the catchiness of “Everdarkness Returns” will have you headbanging for a while, and the darker “Ghosts of Unending Suffering” will kick off your wallowing. Overall, Nyctophilia is a very promising band with a crushing sound that deviates from the norm in Atmospheric Black Metal. Grief, the man behind this outfit, has a knack for delivering punishing BM that is both melodic and melancholic, and has the skills to perfectly execute on this unique style.

Band: Nyctophilia Album: Dwelling in the Fullmoon Light

Label: Mara Productions

Release: September 18th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 86/100

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