Përl – Luminance (2017)


Perfectly combining the extravagance of Cult of Luna, the fragility of Sinistro and the madness of Eths, today we have France’s Përl and their sophomore release “Luminance”. Unleashing over 30 minutes of highly intoxicating music, the band’s sound is a very unique melting pot of influences that creates a very intricate and yet refined sound unlike anything else you have ever heard. For those looking into the fringes of Post-Metal to find originality and brilliant execution, this album is definitely one for your collection.

Opening with the hypnotic buildup of “Himalaya (Deval part. I)”, the band perfectly settles into a jazzy and mellow vibe before unleashing some violent outburst of brutality that a few would expect, but everybody will love. There is something magical about listening to harsh vocals in French and the band will satisfy your craving with relentless aggressive passages in their music. With “Ka”, we explore the band’s more sensitive side with a lush loungey piece that slowly builds up but never gets to out of control, achieving a perfect balance and setting a very enjoyable mood.

The lush “Séléné” is definitely our favorite track in this release as it delves into Post-Rock territories for a while before turning a bit dark and unnerving. While not as violent as other songs, this track is quite enjoyable and very unique. Featuring enigmatic French singer Faustine Berardo, “L'homme à l'éléphant blanc” is a polarizing track with a very mellow and sinister vibe. Uniquely blending harsh moments with more sophisticated undertones, this is quite a unique song with an interesting energy.

Closing the release with have the enigmatic “Jhomo Langma (Deval part. II)” which delivers punishing riffs and a very hectic and diverse vocal performance by Aline, the band’s singer. We particularly enjoyed the songs progression and how it builds up on the band’s own terms, never following the pre-defined ‘rules’ of Post-Metal. Overall, “Luminance” is quite a unique release that is filled with great original ideas and raw talent. The band’s sound is very unique and should be experience by any fan of Post-Metal music.

Band: Përl Album: Luminance

Label: Apathia Records

Release: November 24th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Metal

Country: France

Rating: 90/100

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