Imperious – Tales of Woe – The Journey of Odysseus, Part I (2017)


Unleashing one of the most ambitious and epic Black Metal releases of 2017, today we have Imperious and part one of their double release “Tales of Woe – The Journey of Odysseus”. As epic as the Iliad, this release if full of excellent atmospheric elements to accompany blistering BM tracks that perfectly convey the grandeur of Odysseus journey. Originally self-released by the band in 2015, it is great that Massacre Records is giving this epic album a proper and wide release.

After setting the mood with the mellow “At The Shores of Ilion”, the band launches the first onslaught with “To Abjure Temptation” and its intense riffing. Setting a very hectic and lush tone since the beginning, hooks the listener instantly into the bands style and approach. The Empyrium-esque “At the Cave of Polyphemus” leads way to incisiveness of “The Sharpened Pale” and the dark and sinister vibe of “Insidious Winds” and its 14-minute of devastation.

We quite enjoy how the band never rushes things and unleashes lush atmospheric pieces like “As The Bay of Telepylos” and “The Feasting of the Laestrygonians” just before unleashing the incredible “Celestial Tunes of Moral Fraud”. Instantly reminding us of Cradle of Filth and their “Vempire” days, this track is quite intoxicating and very melodic in nature. Part one ends with th very tense “Where Cimmerian Darkness Dwells” and we can’t get enough of the perfect pacing this track incorporates while delivering the harsh vocals and very martial drums.

As more and more Black Metal bands flock the Post-BM or Black’n’roll scenes, it is quite refreshing to hear a band like Imperious keeping things simple and yet very melodic while delivering a truly epic release. Luckily for the listener this is just part one and we are sure the second part will be as good, if not better, than this gem.

Band: Imperious Album: Tales of Woe – The Journey of Odysseus, Part I

Label: Massacre Productions

Release: November 17th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Epic/Melodic Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 90/100

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