Tongues – Hreilia (2017)


Having a great eye for aurally abusive releases, I, Voidhanger Records, unleashes this December, the debut release of experimental Death/Doom/Black outfit Tongues. With “Hreilia”, the band delivers seven highly disturbing, chaotic and yet very enjoyable tracks that are quite bizarre in nature. Mixing elements from Death/Doom/Black Metal genres into a very unique amalgamation of styles, this release transports the listener to a hellish universe since the first track.

Opening with the funky weirdness of “Perennial Waves”, the listener gets to warm up to a very dissonant and yet enthralling mournful opening that suddenly explodes into full-on madness. We particularly enjoy the sickening vocals and the very raw vibe transmitted. The madness takes a more traditional Black Metal shape with the punishing “Theophagous Wounds of Earth”, and its killer bass guitar line. This is certainly one of the most brutal tracks in this release with a relentless drum track and incisive riffs.

After a much needed interlude, the band creates a very oppressive atmosphere with the devilish “..And the Ever Watchful Clouds”. The inhuman growls paired with the very sinister riffs create a very unique and bone-chilling combination that will be embedded into your psyche. Getting every weirder and more experimental, “Grove of Mithridate” is definitely one of the most interesting and diverse tracks in this release filled with quirky riffs and funky tempo changes.

Exploring more their atmospheric side, “Acumen Numinous” is one hell of a 9-minute track that features a bit of everything. We enjoyed the dark passages that complement the brutal Doomy Black Metal onslaughts. Perfectly ending this release, we have the hellish album title track that delivers waves of bizarre atmospheric elements and deranged vocals that will induce nightmares to the uninitiated.

Overall, “Hreilia” is one brutal release that showcases an extremely unique and sonically abusive band that incorporates many elements but does not sound like anybody else. If you are looking for extreme, well crafted, and quite diverse music, Tongues is certainly one band to keep in your radar. We can’t recommend this release enough for any fans of the bizarre and brutal music.

Band: Tongues Album: Hreilia

Label: I, Voidhanger Records

Release: December 8th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Doom/Death/Black Metal

Country: Denmark

Rating: 92/100

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