Las Casas Viejas – goul/H (2017)


Unleashing one of the most unique and aurally abusive releases of 2017, today we have Austria’s Las Casas Viejas and their album “goul/H”. Featuring an amalgamation of dreamy Post-Rock passages, with Doom/Sluge/Black Metal elements, the band creates a very unique atmosphere and evangelizes the listener with five brilliant tracks filled with unique elements and surprises.

Slowly building up the momentum in their opener, “Morbundus”, the band starts off slow with some interesting aural abuse, luckily it slowly progresses into delivering more punishing and demoralizing guitar riffs and a plethora of harsh vocals. Mixing Sludge elements with some different ideas, this piece perfectly leads into the Doom-esque “Kein Ort 1: nicht die Stadt und Lethargie”. The female vocals at times remind us of late The 3rd and The Mortal elements, allowing the band’s sound to have an extra unconventional element.

Showcasing their Neurosis/Amenra influences, “Kein Ort 2: nicht keine Stadt und Lethargie” opens up with a killer Post-Metal overture before it goes on to explore more Punkish and trippier territories. We particularly enjoy how the band blends in their wide palette of influences and crafts very unique tempo changes with dreamy and atmospheric passages carved between intense onslaughts. The dreamy slugdiness of “Klaustrophobie”, the band gives of a certain Alcest-like vibe that suddenly becomes darker and more dissonant. Las Casas Viejas music feels a lot rawer and bleaker, but with that certain Post-Black Metal flair at times.

As “Erinnerung” rolls around, we are stunned by how different this track comes off … at first. Featuring sultry female vocals and playful guitar lines, we have a more unique and sinister sound unleashed upon the listener. This is an excellent way to close a very unique and diverse release. Overall, “goul/H” showcases a very promising young band with a very different and engaging sound. Las Casas Viejas manage to easily shine in a scene filled with great bands, so be sure to grab a copy of this release and keep an eye out for them.

Band: Las Casas Viejas Album: goul/H

Label: Alerta Antifascista

Release: November 10th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Rock/ Doom/Black/Sludge/Post-Metal

Country: Austria

Rating: 91/100

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