Blaze of Perdition – Conscious Darkness (2017)


With Poland’s underground scene reaching maturity with the acclaim of acts like Mgła and Batushka, other outfits like Blaze of Perdition have not gone unnoticed. Delivering their fourth full-length release with “Conscious Darkness”, the band unleashes a very oppressive and ravaging release that will rattle your senses. Crafted around a thick and punishing atmosphere, this is one release you do not want to miss.

Opening with the ravaging riffing onslaught of “A Glimpse of God”, the release sets a very dark and demoralizing mood. The mixture of piercing guitar work with punishing vocals create a very dense and effective atmosphere that sets the pace for this release. Kicking off with a blistering first few minutes, “Ashes Remain” unleashes furious drumming and sickening atmospheric elements paired with more violent vocals, makes for a demoralizing 15-minute behemoth of a track.

With that modern edge of Black Metal that outfits like Watain, “Weight of the Shadow” is yet another brilliant exercise in mixing extreme elements with crushing atmospheric elements. We particularly enjoy how dense is the band’s sound while keeping tight drums and intricate guitar work. Coming full-circle, “Detachment Brings Serenity” closes this release with a bang thanks to the blistering drums and guitars delivered around a very trippy and ethereal atmospheric closing.

Overall, “Conscious Darkness” is one ferocious release that can’t be contained or silenced. Blaze of Perdition continue to improve and have reached the next level of brutality with this release. If you like highly atmospheric and non-linear Black Metal albums, look no further and pick up a copy of this gem.

Band: Blaze of Perdition Album: Conscious Darkness

Label: Agonia Records

Release: November 3rd, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 92/100

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