Echolot – Volva (2017)


Unleashing over 55 minutes of brilliant Psychedelic/Progressive Metal, today we have Switzerland’s Echolot and their sophomore release “Volva”. Channeling their inner Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath influences, this three-piece outfit release for very intricate and engaging songs that will keep you engaged from start to end. With tons of bands flocking to these genres, it is quite refreshing to hear new ideas in this release.

The album opens with the groovy proggy guitars of “II”, a track that brilliantly introduces the band’s musical skills and vibe. The warm and fuzzy distortion is quite inviting and eases the listener into Echolot’s sonic world. Slowly building up, “III” continues the album’s progression with Doomy riffs and very moody vocals, greatly enhancing the atmosphere in this release and keeping it diverse and fresh sounding.

Switching gears into a more atmospheric and sort of organic improvisational style, “IV” is definitely one of the most interesting songs in this release thanks to its unique and mellow progression. The firm and concise riffing as the song nears its climax perfectly complement the layered vocals, creating a powerful mixture of elements. Closing with the brilliant “V”, we particularly enjoy the tracks moodiness and mixture of interesting elements that surprising the listener.

Crafting songs that are over 10 minutes a piece is no small feat, particularly when they are as good as the ones in “Volva”, and Echolot excels at it. Perfectly blending Psychedelic, Progressive and Doom elements, this release has bit for everybody and showcases the uniqueness of the band’s music. If you are looking for a powerful release filled with intricate details and catchy songs, this is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

Band: Echolot Album: Volva

Label: Czar of Crickets Productions

Release: October 6th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Doom/Psychedelic/Progressive Metal/Rock

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 88/100

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