Amenra – Mass VI (2017)


Just in time for the gloomy October weather, today we have Amenra and their ravaging sixth full-length release “MassVI”. Unleashing over 41 minutes of music spread out in six tracks, the band continues their musical journey into darker and gloomier territories by making their sound even more massive and emotional. Perfectly engineered to be loud and punishing this release is one that you can’t miss.

Opening with the slow progression of “Children of the Eye”, the band brings back the punishing riffs and raw screams that have made them a household name in their genre. This track slowly introduces Doomier and more melodic and emotional passages that feature mournful clean vocals. After a short spoken-word track, the band comes back with a vengeance with the moody and hypnotic guitar work of “Plus Près de Toi”, which is part sludgy and part highly atmospheric.

Slowly building up for a devastating onslaught, “Spijt” provides a nice breather for the best track in this release “A Solitary Reign”. In this song the band takes their sound to a whole new level with a demoralizing combination of clean vocals and harsh screams that plays out majestically on top of the combination of punishing guitar work, melodic passages and crushing drums. This song alone makes this release a must-buy album and a stepping stone in the evolution of the band.

Closing with “Daiken”, the band delivers 11-minutes of tense atmospheric action with a Sludgier and more typical track that still features interesting elements setting the band apart from the competition. Unleashing one of the most emotional and atmospherically powerful Sludge/Doom releases of 2017, Amenra is clearly a well-oiled machine that continues to perfect its craft. If you like the band’s previous releases and are tired of most bands in the genre(s) always sounding the same, this will definitely shake you up and grab your attention.

Band: Amenra Album: Mass VI

Label: Neurot Recordings

Release: October 20th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 94/100

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