Antiversum – Cosmos Comedenti (2017)


Hailing from Swtizerland, today we have Antiversum and their ear popping, soul crushing mixture of Black/Death/Doom metal in their debut full-length release “Cosmos Comedenti”. Featuring over 37 minutes of hellish music, the band mixes Black/Death Metal influences with Doom and Sludge to create a very think and visceral listening experience. With influences from bands like Neurosis, Amenra, to Centinex, this is one release you don’t want to miss.

Opening the album, we have the harrowing “Antinova”, a piece that slowly builds up a sound wall filled with pummeling riffs and crushing growls. There are some Black Metal influences thrown into the mix that create a more dissonant and imposing atmosphere, as the song progresses in a very Sludgy/Post-Metal-ish way. Continuing the aural assault, we have “Chao E Orta Est”, a slow progressing track that is quite dissonant and aggressive.

The intensity continues at its highest with the brutal opening of the album title track. Never letting go of the listener’s attention, this track nicely continues the thick wall of sound created while delivering solid drum patterns and demonic raspy growls. Saving the best for last, “Nihil Ad Probandum” slowly builds up on top of incisive riffs and culminates with hellish noise/drone-like elements.

Overall, “Cosmos Comedenti” is a pretty unique release filled with brutality and heavily atmospheric. The band excels in crafting disturbing and crushing songs that are not too long and never linger. If you like aural violence similar to bands like Amenra, Neurosis, but you need a heavier and more Death/Black Metal edge, this is definitely right up your alley.

Band: Antiversum Album: Cosmos Comedenti

Label: Invictus Productions

Release: October 20th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death/Black/Doom Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 87/100

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