Lascar – Saudade (2017)


For those of us that still collect physical CD’s, today we have the non-digital version of Lascar’s sophomore release “Saudade” through the A Sad Sadness Song imprint. Featuring over 42 minutes of music divided into four tracks, this release shows a more mature and defined Lascar. The songs are raw and powerful, but at the same time filled with melancholy and sorrow. If you are a fan of Post-Black Metal, this is definitely a release you don’t want to miss.

Opening with the sweeping “Tender Glow”, we are immediately thrown into Lascar’s world. The song’s raw power and melancholic guitars create a very unique and engaging contrast. The song nicely blends into the faster paced “Thin Air”, a track filled with very intense drumming and furious riffing. This one-man band has a unique ability to create contrasting passages within each track, showcasing versatility and skill.

The mellow acoustic guitar opening of “Uneven Alignment” signals the beginning of one of the most emotional and devastating tracks in this release. Punishing the listener with harsh shrieks of pain on top of dreamy guitars, this track reminds us a bit of label mates An Autumn for Crippled Children. Saving the longest for last, “Bereavement” is one mesmerizing piece that clocks in at 14 minutes, but you will not want it to end.

As a whole, “Saudade” is a very well-rounded release that showcases Lascar’s evolution since the debut album. It also oozed melancholy and rawness, making it quite effective and enjoyable for fans of the genre. If you are into Post-Black Metal, this band should be on your radar as it is a bleak and devastating as they get.

Band: Lascar Album: Saudade

Label: A Sad Sadness Song

Release: September 15th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Black Metal / Shoegaze

Country: Chile

Rating: 91/100

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