Oraculum – Always Higher (2017)


Delivering a Death Metal blast from the past, today we have Chile’s Oraculum and their latest EP titled “Always Higher”. Having a certain Asphyx/Morgoth/Sinister vibe, this short but sweet EP captures a timeless sound and delivers is with crystal clear production values to the masses. This is the perfect EP for any fan yearning the good old days of Death Metal.

Setting the mood with the imposing atmospheric intro, “Exeunt”, the band gets rolling with the punishing riffs and leads of “Lex Talionis”. Oraculum’s vocalist Scourge of God, does a great job in delivering those raspy old-school DM vocals that we all love, and pairs them perfectly with intricate drum patters and a very hectic pace.

Things get more intense with the pummeling “Semper Excelsius”, a song that instantly makes you want to headbang to the devastating guitars and brutal pace. Nowadays, few band’s get this type of music and vibe right and Oraculum is definitely one of them. The foursome’s sound and vibe is totally legit, even the crazy out of whack guitar leads thrown into the songs are perfect for the style.

Closing the album with a cover of Germany’s Death/Thrash outfit Poison’s “Sphix” song. This shows a versatile side of the band’s sound, as they can easily blend in some Thrash influences and still sound imposing. Overall, “Always Higher” is one hell of a short EP that should instantly hook any fan of old-school Death Metal. The band’s sound is timeless and brilliantly executed, so keep an eye out for them in the future.

Band: Oraculum Album: Always Higher

Label: Invictus Productions

Release: September 15th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Chile

Rating: 85/100

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