Our Ceasing Voice – Free Like Tonight (2017)


We are constantly surprised when a band that we actually quite enjoy reaches out to us via our website to submit their music for review. Today we have Austria’s melancholic/Atmospheric Gothic/Alternative Rock trio Our Ceasing Voice with their latest full-length release “Free Like Tonight”. Delivering eleven moody tracks, this release continues the band’s musical exploration of mellow and bleak territories.

Combining elements from bands like H.I.M, End of Green and Katatonia, the band kicks off with the moody “The Arsonists”. In this very bleak song, Dominik Dörfler’s raspy vocals instantly set a very dark mood that is greatly enhanced by a slow tempo and minimalist atmospheric elements. Things slowly progress with lush tracks like the playful “Gone”, the entertaining album-title track, and the somber “New York in the Rain”, which incidentally feels a whole lot like watching tear drop on a quiet evening.

Creating unique atmospheric elements, the band’s guitarist Sebastian Obermeir does a great job in handling the synths as well. Never overpowering and always subtle enough to draw attention but not too much, tracks like “Annabelle” and “Monochrome” are brilliant testaments to his skill. Fans of the band surely noticed the frontman change this band has made since their last release, and while Reinhard Obermeir’s vocals were deep and moody, we thing Dominik’s fit this kind of darker and more subtle music perfectly, as we can see in “Times of Regret” and “Genovese Syndrome”. The band has moved from their Post-rock past into more atmospheric territories and we love their darker sound.

As the albums winds down with “Countings” we are quite pleased with the band’s transition between singers and how their sound has evolved into a more melancholic and darker brand. If you liked their earlier release “That Day Last November”, you will certainly enjoy the darkness and moodiness of this one. Recommended for fans of Katatonia, Anathema, H.I.M and Lacrimas Profundere, this is one awesome release you can’t miss.

Band: Our Ceasing Voice Album: Free Like Tonight

Label: Self-Released

Release: August 25th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Gothic/Alternative Rock

Country: Austria

Rating: 91/100

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