Dark Sanctuary – Dark Sanctuary (2017)


Arriving unexpectedly to our inbox this month we have a new release from France’s Dark Sanctuary. Having been on hiatus since 2009 or so, this band was recognized in the Darkwave/Gothic/Atmospheric scene back in the day. In 2017, they surprise us with six ‘Metal’ renditions of older material, crafting a very melancholic and powerful Gothic/Doom vibe. For those of use that yearn for the late 2000’s Gothic/Doom Metal releases, this album will certainly fill that void.

Opening with the lively “Laissez-moi mourir”, we get a very Lacrima Profundere vibe with catchy guitars, subtle keyboards and a very upbeat tempo surrounded by a generally Gothic/Dark vibe. As expected, Dame Pandora’s vocals instantly shine in this very engaging track that reminds us a bit of Edge of Sanity meets Therion. The dark atmosphere created by the heavy riffs and atmospheric keyboards of “Cristal”, make for quite a memorable experience, setting a very enjoyable mood.

Changing the pace, the dramatic “La clameur du silence” delivers soaring vocal arrangements and very gloomy keyboards. Bringing some My Dying Bride-esque weeping guitars into the mix, “Des Illusions” is another gem that is perfectly complemented with playful drum patterns and solemn spoken word passages alongside angelic chants. Our favorite track in this release has to be the bleak “Seul, face au sinistre” and its dramatically slow pace and haunting vocal arrangements.

Originally set to be released in 2009, this ‘Metal’ album closes with the Elend-esque “Dein Kalter Stein”. We are quite impressed in how the band’s music sounds with Metal elements and how well would they have fared in the scene if they released these songs back in the day. Featuring over 34 minutes of music, this release will certainly captivate both fans of Dark Sanctuary and fans of old-school Gothic/Doom Metal, so be sure to add it to your collection.

Band: Dark Sanctuary Album: Dark Sanctuary

Label: Avant-garde Music

Release: July 16th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Gothic Doom Metal

Country: France

Rating: 90/100

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