BVDK – Architecture of Future Tribes (2017)


Delivering one of the weirdest and most unique releases of 2017 (so far), today we have France’s BVDK and their debut full-length release “Architecture of Future Tribes”. Featuring over 44 minutes of magical weirdness, this trio mixes elements from Industrial, Avant-garde and Black Metal into a very unique experimental mix, that sounds actually quite appealing. Reminding us of a mixture of Diabolos Rising and Kovenant, this is certainly a very interesting release.

The weirdness brilliantly starts with the heavy riffs and odd percussions of “Snatcher”. As the atmospheric keyboards enshroud this song, the band delivers funky choral arrangements, creating a very disturbing and yet intoxicating atmosphere. If this first track was not weird enough, the Industrial Dance vibe of “Surreptitious Cluster” or the funky samples/tempo of “Nana Buluku” will certainly catch you off-guard and get you hooked into the band’s bizarre musical powers.

We particularly enjoy how the band mixes evil BM guitars with uniquely atmospheric beats and percussions, as on the intoxicating “La Langue Sanglante”. However, the furious outburst of hateful aggression on tracks like “Bahir Dar”, are the ones that provide the bigger contrast. Our personal favorite track in this release is the psycho sexual “Jericho’s Pride” and its truly deranged percussions.

Closing the release with the dramatic operatic vocals of “Dar Es Salaam” and the ravaging “Psalm 32”, we are left quite impressed and disturbed by BVDK. As one of the most unique and elaborate albums of the last few months, we had to listen to this one more than a dozen times to make up our minds about it. The brilliance of “Architecture of Future Tribes” lies in the totally unpaved path the band takes with its unique mixture of elements. If you like weird, very weird, album, look no further and snag a copy of this one.

Band: BVDK Album: Architecture of Future Tribes

Label: Self-Released

Release: April 9th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Experimental/Avant-garde/Industrial Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 92/100

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