Kingdom – Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment (2016)


Continuing our exploration of Godz ov War productions goodie package we received a few days ago, today we have Kingdom’s third full-length release “Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment”. Featuring over 34 min of crushing Death Metal, this band perfectly balances old-school Swedish and Florida Death Metal influences with their own brand of depravity to create a truly oppressive sound.

Kicking off with “Sepulchral Psalms”, the band sets a very sinister mood that is greatly magnified by the sheer brutality of “Monolith of Death”. The band’s music is quite intense, as this trio delivers pummeling riffs, bestial drumming and hellish vocals. However, the meaty hooks and melodic aspect of songs like “Forsaken Tribe” is what makes their sound quite unique and less linear than your average DM band.

Creating unique atmospheres, tracks like “Kaplica Ducha Zgniłego” and “Abyss of Torment”, showcase the versatility of the band’s sound. Paired with the brilliant production, the musical execution of this release makes Kingdom shine above the competition. For those looking for relentless headbanging savagery, tracks like “Black Rain upon the Mountain of Doom” and the catchiness of “Whispering the Incantation of Eternal Fire” are exactly what the doctor order, with a slight Carcass edge.

The release closes with a cover of Darkthrone’s “Cromlech” (from their DM days), but with the band’s unique sound blended in. Overall, “Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment” is a pretty high-octane release that keeps the listener engaged with fresh sounding Death Metal anthems. Perfectly combining old-school elements with a modern production and excellent musicianship, Kingdom is one Polish band to keep an eye out on.

Band: Kingdom Album: Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment

Label: Godz ov War Productions

Release: October 30th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 85/100

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