Evadne – A Mother Named Death (2017)


Hailing from Spain, today we have Atmospheric Death/Doom quintet Evadne and their latest release “A Mother Named Death”. With the band being on our radar since their debut release “The 13th Condition”, we are quite excited to hear that they have blossomed into a very dynamic and engaging outfit. Delivering over 60 minutes of music, this band aims to take the throne of the most melancholic Spanish band from Helevorn, with this killer release.

Opening with the mellow “Adobe of Distress”, we are treated to a very traditional Death/Doom song filled with pummeling guitars and killer vocal arrangements. We particularly enjoy when a band can mix both clean and harsh vocals in a very organic and complementary way. Invoking their internal Swallow the Sun, “Scars that Bleed Again” delivers a perfect balance of sheer aggression and atmospheric magic, allowing the band to showcase their contrasting versatility.

As the album progresses, songs continue to get darker and darker, like the punishing “Morningstar Song” (featuring the lovely guest vocals of Ana Carolina of Mourning Sun) and the superbly moody “Heirs of Sorrow”. Both tracks showcase perfect execution and very interesting aspects of the band’s very dynamic and diverse sound. With “Colossal”, the band focuses on the atmospheric nature of the track, delivering one of the most mournful and devastating songs in this release.

Providing a breather with the instrumental “88.6”, the band delivers another aggressive blow with the heavy riffs and intense percussions of “Black Womb of Light”. Instantly switching from punishing Doom, to very violent drumming and riffing allows this song to be quite a musical experience. The album closes with the demoralizing “The Mourn of the Oceans”, leaving on a very high note and setting the bar extra high for Evadne’s future releases.

Overall, “A Mother Named Death” is one hell of a release that is up there with albums by Swallow the Sun, Clouds, Saturnus, in terms of quality and powerful music. If you are looking for a new Death/Doom Metal band to check out, look no further and get this album. For all others in the fence, there are plenty of growls, harsh screams, clean vocals, and crafty riffs to entice non-regular Doom fans to like this release.

Band: Evadne Album: A Mother Named Death

Label: Solitude Productions

Release: June 26th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal

Country: Spain

Rating: 92/100

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