Limbonic Art – Spectre Abysm (2017)


As one of the bands that paved the way for Symphonic Black Metal back in the 90’s, Limbonic Art returns with their first album in seven years titled “Spectre Abysm”. Featuring seven tracks of fast-paced BM, this release will surely be amusing and entertaining, feeling a bit like their older releases. With most of the Symphonic BM catching up and surpassing what Limbonic Art did in the past, this album is a bit exploratory as the band seems to take on uncharted territories while maintaining a familiar style.

The release kicks off with the 10-minute epic “Demonic Resurrection”, which features a very straightforward style of Black Metal, but adds a few odd elements like some creepy throat singing. The melodic riffing of “Ethereal Traveler” keeps the intensity up, while the intricate tempo changes of “Omega Doom” showcase Daemon’s songwriting skills. We particularly enjoy the more mellow and intricate pieces like “Requiem Sempiternam”.

With very dramatic atmospheric elements and intense vocals, “Triumph of Sacrilege” keeps the momentum going with yet another solid track filled with a certain Pagan Metal vibe to it. If you like more mysterious and darker/ritualistic tracks, “Disciplina Arcani” should definitely be on your radar. As the years have passed, Limbonic Art still manages to craft unique tracks, but they probably have less of a dramatic effect as the genre (and others around it) have caught up and are now pushing the envelope by themselves.

Closing with the fast-paced brutality of “Through the Vast Profundity Obscure”, Limbonic Art showcases that it still has some gas left in the tank to deliver solid and engaging releases. While the novelty factor has worn off, the band is still pretty good at crafting solid tracks that feature memorable moments. If you like Symphonic Black Metal and want to hear something that takes you to the earlier days of the genre, be sure to get your copy of “Spectre Abysm”.

Band: Limbonic Art Album: Spectre Abysm

Label: Candlelight Records

Release: July 7th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 82/100

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