Clouds – Destin (2017)


Just when you think that Clouds can’t get any better, Daniel Neagoe and company unleash a short EP that takes the band’s sound to a whole new level. Delivering four new songs with guests like Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun), Ana Carolina (Mourning Sun), Gogo Melone (Luna Obscura), and Mihu Ilie (Abigail), this release pushes the limits of sorrow and melancholy. If you like the band’s previous efforts, this is an EP you cannot miss.

Opening with the bleak guitars and atmospheric violins of “The Wind Carried Your Soul”, Clouds instantly sets a very depressive and powerful mood. As soon as Ana Carolina’s vocals come forward, the atmosphere feels even bleaker and denser, and we have just gotten started. With “Fields of Nothingness” we are treated to Mikko’s vocals in a very lush track filled with warm vocal harmonies and masterful keyboards. Definitely one of the best songs in this EP, as the mood is quite desolate and crushing.

Continuing with “Nothing But A Name”, we have Mihu providing his vocal talents to this very desolate piece filled with dramatic atmospheric arrangements and a very peaceful tempo. The weeping guitars give that Anathema “Eternity” vibe and are perfectly paired with the demoralizing growls.

The last new song is the superbly melancholic “In This Empty Room”, which features Gogo Melone’s vocal talents in a very melodramatic duet. We are particularly enthralled by how Gogo’s vocals shine after the heavy growls, making them seem like a ray of light between the darkness. The vocal duet in the chorus section is just sublime and makes this song truly remarkable.

The acoustic versions of “You Went So Silent” and “Even If I Fall” are very nicely arranged and are as powerful as their ‘heavy’ counterparts, but in a very different and more subtle way. These two tracks are certainly a worthy addition for fans of the band. Also featured in this release, we have the up until now digital-only track “Errata” to end release. This highly atmospheric track is a fitting closer as it clocks in around 10-minutes of lush and dramatic depressive Doom.

Overall, “Destin” is one hell of a release that any fan of Atmospheric Doom Metal should have in their collection. This nearly flawless release will certainly stand the test of time and will maintain Clouds status as one of the genre’s best until their next efforts. Released in multiple super limited-edition collector’s versions (a limited-edition box and digipack) this is one of the holy grail-like articles for any collector.  

Band: Clouds Album: Destin


Release: July 10th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal

Country: International

Rating: 99/100

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