Lunacy – Act One. Youth Manifesto (2017)


Hailing from Belorussia, today we have Lunacy, formed by Morena and Stone of Closed Room fame. In this full-length release, “Act One. Youth Manifesto”, we are treated to eight tracks of brilliant atmospheric Rock / Post-Metal in the vein of The Gathering, Amesoeurs, and Closed Room. If you like uniquely odd and very emotional female led dreamy music, this is definitely a release worth checking out.

Opening with the melancholic “The Ballad of Youth”, we are instantly graced with Morena’s sultry vocals surrounded by dreamy guitars and a very moody tempo. Interestingly enough this track takes a turn, and delivers a very aggressive closing. Delivering a more intense musical experience with lush guitar leads and a vibrant pace, “The First and the Last” is a very upbeat track that nicely sets the mood for this dynamic release.

The journey continues with the catchy drum patterns of “Fast, Inspired”, which brings flash backs of Amesoeurs and their highly acclaimed debut release. The Post-punk vibe of “Din and Whir” make this track one of the most interesting and out of the ordinary pieces in this release. Another interesting piece is the moody “Heralds of the Storm”, perfectly balancing aggressive vocals with lush guitars.

As one of our personal favorite songs, “As a Fairytale” is the most dreamy and ethereal song of the bunch with melancholic vocal leads, some heavier riffs, all perfectly contrasted by brilliant atmospheric elements. Overall, “Act One. Youth Manifesto” is a brilliant release that showcases the potential behind Lunacy and their unique style. While the parallels to bands like Amesoeurs are strong, this band creates their own unique sound that is quite experimental and overall, very lush and emotional. We can’t recommend this album enough, so be sure to pick up a copy through Valse Sinistre Productions.

Band: Lunacy Album: Act One. Youth Manifesto

Label: Valse Sinistre Productions

Release: July 10th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Metal/Post-Punk

Country: Belorussia

Rating: 93/100

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